The TAS³ Integrated Project (Trusted Architecture for Securely Shared Services) was a 4 years project aiming to have a European-wide impact on services based upon personal information, which is typically generated over a human lifetime and therefore is collected & stored at distributed locations and used in a multitude of business processes. The project ended 31 December 2011.

The TAS³ project has researched & developed a trusted architecture and set of adaptive security services which preserve personal privacy and confidentiality in dynamic environments. Specifically, TAS³ has contributed to the design of a next generation trust & security architecture that is ready to:

  1. meet the requirements of complex and highly versatile business processes,
  2. enables the dynamic user-centric management of policies,
  3. will ensure end-to-end secure transmission of personal information and user-controlled attributes between heterogeneous, context dependent and continuously changing systems.

This includes a trust and data protection infrastructure for managing & assessing the risks associated with identity authentication (level of assurance) and the trustworthiness of actors.

The architecture proposed by the TAS³ project can be instantiated in different contexts because the nature of this personal information is not specific to TAS³.

The TAS³ project validates & demonstrates its generic applicability in the domains of e-Employability and e-Health.

Integration & Scenario

Integration & Scenario